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I am Alessandra; everybody calls me Ale. I was born in Italy, Pordenone, in 1979, and I studied Architecture, even though I decided not to practice it. I worked for 15 years in Italy in marketing and communication before moving to Los Angeles in 2014, where I found my passion working as a Production Designer and Art Director for movies. I describe myself as a creative person, but people around me call me an Artist because that's the way I live and approach life. When I was a child, I spent my free time drawing with pencil on paper, dancing, and writing poems. In adulthood, I express myself through acrylic paintings on canvas, a few digital paintings, and I still write. I have written a book of poems, and now I write contents for the entertainment industry. My life is surrounded by beauty because I see it everywhere, and where there isn't any, I create it.

My Purpose

I am always thinking about why I am here in this world and how I can do something to leave it a little better. I feel deeply for other living beings, energies, colors, vibrations, and emotions; I feel a lot. They call me a highly sensitive person, an intuitive person, and I want to use these gifts to communicate to others what I can see or feel.

I think the ultimate meaning of our lives is to evolve, to increase our level of consciousness, and to realize that the only energy that creates everything is Love.

I create my Art without thinking if someone will like it or not; it's a part of me that I materialize into something that you can see, touch, or read. I am giving out a part of my deep self.

I hope my Art can evoke an emotion, whatever it may be, or make people think or smile. Whatever it is, my Art is for people who feel alive and connected with their inner selves.


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"Being an artist, a creative individual, poses its challenges right from the start, especially during childhood. Firstly, it sets me apart from the crowd, causing my perspective and approach to be misunderstood or overlooked. Secondly, creative or artistic jobs often do not offer substantial financial compensation, particularly when you are unknown and at the early stages of your career. I frequently experience personal crises, questioning whether it is worth continuing to write and create new projects that can contribute to making the world a better place, or if I should persist with my abstract paintings or filmmaking, considering the highly competitive and saturated entertainment industry."

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"Now, more than ever before, I find myself aligned with my values, fueling a strong desire to generate a positive impact on the world through my work and projects. Witnessing people’s smiles, seeing happy children, and opening the eyes of the public to important topics are all among my aspirations. I used to believe that I was too small to effect change, but I have come to realize that actions are the only way to initiate progress. My hope is to attract like-minded individuals to form a community dedicated to bringing about this change."

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"Faithful to Bernstein’s spirit, some of the works are both alluring and entertaining. Soheil Hosseinii looks to the future to capture a new kind of portrait, whose flower-bird subjects pose like fashionable celebrities, daring you to be fabulous. Arne Spangereid looks back to imagined aristocratic societies, disrupting his masterfully painted scenes with 21st-century pop culture interventions. Alessandra Manias alternates between colourful abstraction and video game references, opening up a joyful quest for a higher consciousness."

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"Empathy is an innate gift and quality that I possess. It allows me to deeply experience and understand the energies, vibes, situations, people, animals, nature, light, colors, shapes, sounds, and breezes around me. However, this heightened sensitivity comes at the cost of pain. I utilize my empathy as a tool for creation, relying on it during my creative processes and when solving problems, as it provides me with a unique perspective. "

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"I am a creative person but basically also a Nerd, I study something new every day and I am very curious in general. I find inspiration by visiting Art Galleries, Museums, Art exhibitions, and everything is original and creative. I follow the Design and Fashion worlds because they are all connected. Every time I can I travel, and I try to go to Italy once a year. This year 2022 I was lucky to spend a whole month in my Country and I visited The Biennale of Art in Venezia and the main cities, just to take a breath of pure Beauty. "


The paintings are for sale, please contact me directly.

I paint also by commission, included walls.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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