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CONSCIOUSNESS Collection - Acrylic on canvas 

The better you understand yourself, the more the world around you will change. It's a never-ending journey of self-discovery that may have even begun before you were born. The further you delve into your inner self, the higher you rise in the pursuit of pure truth. The dimension in which you live depends on your level of consciousness, and with this heightened awareness, you can perceive things that others cannot, if they are not aligned with you.

VITA GAME ! Collection - Digital Paintings NFT 

VITA GAME! is a collection of digital paintings that represent Life as a Video Game and embody the world of Alessandra Manias: Architect, Artist, Spiritual human being . The stairs represent the way to reach an upper level of human evolution and so, a next level of consciousness. Each painting has a woman dancing and interacting with the space, she is happily enjoying her life journey. The vertical stripes are the frame of a window we see through. The style recalls the Bauhaus movement but revisited in a new modern key

THAT'S THE POINT Collection - Acrylic on canvas 

You are swamped with work, preoccupied with the complexities of life, stressed, and occasionally confused.

Where is the path?

Where should your focus lie?

Where do you find yourself?

In the end, you are left alone, and it becomes crucial to rediscover your true self.

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